The Best Ways To Utilize Your Kids Precious Time And Keep Them Occupied

Keeping kids busy and keeping them in one place for more than 15 minutes is truly a tiresome and hectic task. But when you do accomplish it, then you get yourself the well deserved break, even of its for even just 10 minutes. But the secret to keeping them occupied is simple, give them something interesting to do. Here are a couple of ideas that could certainly help you get a well deserved break for more than 10 minutes;

Play doh fun

While you could definitely choose to send your kid to a child development centre to keep them occupied and away, it certainly feels more reassuring to have them by your side and at home. Although keeping them occupied at home is not something that is exactly easy. You could however keep them occupied and insight by giving them play doh to have fun with! But you might want to check on them as well, especially if they are really small after all you don’t necessarily want to find any play doh in their mouths!


Sticking to the good old way of making crafts is another great way to keep your kid insight and occupied. You go with the good old trick of using macaroni and glitter for crafts or you could teach your kids more modern and refreshing crafts. Teaching them to make their own designed friendship bands to gift their friends or even building little paper air planes or cool origami frogs, are some suggestions. You could even lend them some child friendly paint to make their own drawings as well, just like how they would in places that offer art class for kids.

Scavenger hunt

Although this may take a while to set up, it is definitely worthy of the effort, as it not only keeps your kids engrossed in the hunt but also gives you loads of time to catch up on a few missed episodes of Once Upon a Time! But then again it all depends on how hard the hunt is and how long it may take for your kid to figure the clues out! You could set up a final grand prize as well for them depending on what you want, whether it is more time for yourself or some loud banging noise from a new set of drums!

Another simple yet great suggestion would be to build a pillow fort and let your kid go wild with his or her imaginations. Let the kids have fun while you also try to enjoy some time for yourself as this is the best way to create a win win situation for you and your child! After all once they are tired of it all they may even go straight to bed with no hassle at all!