Career Paths For People Persons

Are you a people person? Do you like to talk to people, are you interested in their lives and are you good at making friends? If the answer is yes, then you are a people person! The good news is that our society is actually very receptive open, friendly individuals who get along with others. There are whole careers dedicated to people who can interact well with society at large and here is a breakdown of some of the more unusual ones: 

Talent Management and Acquisition

These are the people who always seem to get their own department in companies because they are working directly for the big boss: good HR consultancy services require you to know how to get people to perform at their maximum efficiency. Today there are courses and degrees that will teach you the basics of human resource management, and you can easily apply to be an intern somewhere to get your job experience. You will have to learn the due process for selecting the right candidate for a job as well as learning how to adjust salaries and bonuses depending on experience and qualification. This department is also in charge of improving the quality of the current employees. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards ae equally great.

Social Researcher

Only a few countries have dedicated social researchers who can carry out employee engagement surveys for the workplace and market place research with equal aplomb. These individuals have to be able to talk their way through any situation and gauge the social temperature, in other words, they have to be able to judge the mood, the vibe of a situation and then record it for research purposes. This job can take you to places and situations you never dreamed of and it helps if you know more than one language because that will allow you to communicate more freely with more people.

Being a Host

Casinos, hotels, restaurants and other places of leisure all employee ‘hosts’, traditionally hired to make the place seem welcoming and like a second home to guests. Hosts have to be friendly, polite and have a good memory for faces as their job is to pay special deference to repeat customers and take care of all their particular needs. Casino hosts are particularly valued and they bring in the ‘whales’, those wealthy individuals who gamble big and have very specific requirements that are a result of their superstitions. Hosts have to make all the arrangements and basically take care of the guests in every way. Starting out in this field can be a bit difficult until you make some contacts, but a good way would be to be an assistant to one.