Five Places That Contribute To Good And Bad Behaviour Practices

Every child grows up learning and picking up different behaviour from different situations. They are constantly absorbing and accumulating for later. Words, thoughts and emotions that result in the personality development of the child. What is learnt early during their developmental stage is retained for long. Great care should be taken to keep them safe from unwanted and harmful ways.

Schools for more than academics

Every school is responsible for the educational development of every child. Not only should a school monitor the academic growth but also the behavioural aspect. Children coming from all different walks bring in different habits. This they start learning from each other. Placing strict rules and monitoring methods will help. Select an international kindergarten in Hong Kong or a well reputed public school that welcomes children from all societies. In a good school, regardless of what behaviour pattern a child can bring, it takes the responsibility to correct them. Teaching good behaviour is important as good education. Instead of refraining a child from attending classes due to bad behaviour, measures should be taken to instilling good ones.

Parents the first teachers

Every parent is first responsible for the child’s behaviour. Words, expressions and reactions are all absorbed by the little ‘sponges’. Most children pick up foul language from an argument the parents could have had. Once picked up they retain it in their memory and spill them at unexpected situations. Great care must be taken to live a life of example at all times. Avoid adult discussions and arguments in front of your child. Let them learn kindness and patience at home. What they have been taught at home they will in turn teach their little society.

Television the subliminal teacher

Many children’s programs these days involve a lot of content that is not appropriate. Acts of violence and mature content has been embedded into cartoons and many ‘children’s’ movies in the form of comedy. These have influenced child violence indirectly. Monitor and go through every cartoon you could want to watch beforehand. Place child lock on other channels to further protect. Have specific times for them to watch T.V This will also help you to teach them obedience and good educational management.

Idle time with older siblings

Big brothers and sisters play a crucial role in the development of your younger child. Kids look up to and most times mimic the behaviour and speech patterns of their ‘role models’. Spending time with the older siblings is important but when they have their friends over it’s best to set rules. Most times, older children can end up feeling irritated having to watch over while trying to enjoy the company of their friends. This can result in rash behaviour that can in turn result in kids picking up the wrong lessons.

Playgroup and social practices

Times spent with other children in play group time is an excellent way to develop good behaviour. The child can learn to share, care and communicate with like minds. Organising for a parent or two to take care of the kids while they are at play is important. The monitor will be responsible in correcting any unwanted language, putting fights to rest and helping them get along smoothly. It’s during these sessions that they will learn to form groups. They should be taught to not isolate any child and should understand the repercussions of such behaviour. Mistakes are sometimes the better teacher, so over worrying and over protecting is not necessary.